What We Catch

Fishing Season San Diego

San Diego has some of the best deep sea fishing in the country.  We are so lucky to call these amazing fishing grounds home. The fishing season San Diego changes throughout the year. Lots of different species of fish such as Rockfish, Sea Bass, California Yellowtail, and California Halibut call San Diego waters home. Other species like the Tuna family of fish migrate thru our waters and down south in Mexico. 

Since all of our trips are 100% private fishing charters, we can truly cater the day around the type of fishing you and your group would like to do and which type of fish you would like to target. Whether you are looking to go on our Half Day, 3/4 Day, or Full Day trip, we promise you, we will do our very best to have you catching lots of fish. 

Give us a call to find out the latest fishing reports and together we can make a decision on where we should fish the day of your trip.  

California Halibut
Monster Red Rockfish
Vermilion Rockfish
Sand Bass
Calico Bass
California Yellowtail
California Yellowtail
Family Fishing San Diego
California Sheephead

What We Can Catch

Fishing Season San Diego What We Catch
Ling Cod
Bluefin Tuna
White sea bass on half day trip san diego
White Sea Bass
Bonito San Diego
Spiny Lobster
San Diego Fishing Charters
Shark fishing San Diego

For California fishing rules and regulations please see here

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