• Lobster Fishing

    LengthLocationDeparturesPassenger LimitPrice
    5.5 hoursSan DiegoMission Bay4$600
  • Lobster Fishing

    We will depart just before sun down. Usually, we have a nice boat ride getting to the fishing grounds and a beautiful sunset. Next, we set out 10 hoop nets in some proven areas. After letting the hoop nets soak for anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour, passenger's will take turns pulling them up 1 at a time. We will measure each lobster to make sure they are big enough to keep. The lobster trips are a lot of fun and boy are they delicious!! 

    Bait, gear, fuel, snacks, ice and some drinks will be included but each person fishing will be required to get a 1 day fishing license and a lobster card that are not included in the trip price.  


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