Lobster Fishing

Lobster Fishing San Diego
Season October to March 15

Ever watched the show Deadliest Catch? Well, lobster fishing San Diego is kind of like that, but done in the comforts and calm waters of Mission Bay. We meet at the docks in the evening and catch the sunset as we head out to drop our lobster hoop nets. We let them soak for a bit while we hang out on the boat. Then the action begins! 

It’s a race to pull the nets up as quick as you can so the lobsters can’t escape. It’s always fun when you see the net reach the rail of the boat and it’s filled with local California spiny lobsters.  These guys make a tasty treat on the grill. 

Lobster Fishing

 Trip is 5.5 Hours 

We drop lobster hoops in Mission Bay

Fishing Trip Departs in the evening before sunset

Up to 4 Passengers Max


Trip Details

  • We will head out to Mission Bay just before sunset on a quick 10 minute boat ride.
  • We provide all of the lobster hoop nets, tackle and bait. 
  • We have a drink cooler on board. If you would like to bring your own beverages, please make sure it’s not glass. If you bring a cooler, please leave in in your car for the fish you catch. 
  • Price includes up to 4 anglers
  • No Fuel Surcharge
  • A California Lobster Fishing License is required for any angler 16 years of age or older. You can get one online, or at the pickup location the day of the trip.